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How it works

Step-by-step instruction on how to use the MADDEX platform.

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Step 1


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Step 2

Make a deposit

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Step 3

Create an investment account

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Step 4

Your funds will be handled by experts

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Step 5

Get a regular income

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Step 6

Cash out to your wallet

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The company’s investment portfolio is formed on the basis of highly profitable investment products using flexible asset classification tools.

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The highest security standards- your data is protected by Extended Validation SSL, 2FA system and SiteLock.

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24/7 support

Get instant responses from the professional customer support team anytime.

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We work without an identity verification procedure.

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Earn and withdraw money from the first days.

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Our mission

MADDEX offer a safe investment and earning opportunity for everybody with minimal risk and high passive income. The services we provide are based on decades of experience in making digital money. Invest at your comfort today and secure tomorrow. Hurry up to create your investment account on the MADDEX platform and start earning today.

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Any questions?

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Our focus areas

Maddex is a safe investment company that does not depend on the market, but creates its own paths that guarantees profits . Based on variety of investment options and the principle of contribution.

Liquidity Mining

MADDEX company makes money by providing liquidity to DEX exchanges, trough special pools and rewards users with commissions.

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Our crypto trading team makes money both in a growth and falling market applying the most profitable strategies

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The high passive income for the retention of coins, which provide projects at their launch

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NFT, IDO, IFO investments

The MADDEX team constantly monitors the market for noteworthy products. Each project in which we invest comes over more than 1,000 preliminary checks.

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What do clients think of our partnership.

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1. How does it work?
To start earning passively, you need to register on the MADDEX platform and create an Investment Account. Thus, you transfer your funds to the management of our experienced traders who help you make money trading in different directions.
2. I don’t know anything about cryptocurrency how can I use your platform?
You do not need to have special knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies for passive earning on the MADDEX platform. We have created our platform as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to get a passive income without thinking much about the process . MADDEX experts in trading will do all the work for you.
3. How can I start?
Carry out a quick registration on the MADDEX platform. Create a Deposit Account and open an Investment Account. To start earning, your Investment Account must have at least $250. Using a calculator, calculate the amount you want to invest and the investment period. On the day you specified, you can withdraw the received profit in any way convenient for you.
4. I have $ 100, can I invest?
According to the terms of use of the MADDEX platform, the minimum investment amount is $250.
5. What documents are required for the registration?
The basic principle of cryptocurrency is anonymity. For cooperation with our company, you do not need to provide any documents.
6. Which internal currency is used on the MADDEX platform?
MADDEX accepts any cryptocurrency for investment, but the internal calculations are carried out only in USDT. USDT is a cryptocurrency asset, a stablecoin, issued on bitcoin blockchain. It can be transferred, stored, spent like bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. 1 USDT=1 USD.
7. Will I be able to withdraw the money if necessary?
You can withdraw the funds stored in your Deposit Account at any time. To do this, send a request for “Withdrawal of funds”, and the corresponding amount of net profit will be credited to the account you specified within 1-3 business days. It is also possible to close an existing Investment Account ahead of schedule, without waiting for the day of its completion. But in that case, you’ll be charged a fine of 50% of your net profits.
8. Is it safe?
MADDEX is committed to ensuring the safety of your funds. We use the best security protocols in the industry. We adhere to safety standards: – Extended Validation SSL Certificate; – Two-factor authentication (2FA); – SiteLock. You can resolve any emerging issues related to the operation of the Platform by contacting our 24/7 support service.
9. How much money can I earn per month?
Your minimum monthly profitability starts from 15%. MADDEX charges a minimum commission of 10% of net income for managing your funds. This amount does not include the monthly 15% income.In cooperation with the company Maddex, the maximum income can be over 535% per annum.
10. What is the difference between “Classic” and "Capitalization"
Choosing the “Classic” investment account format, you receive a monthly percentage of profit from cooperation with the company with the possibility of DAILY and immediate withdrawal of funds. For example, your amount is $1000 with an interest rate of 15% per month and a 1-month term. Multiply $1000 by 15% and you get $150, divide the amount in 30 days. Your daily income will be $5 Capitalization is the addition of interest accrued over the past period to the principal amount of the deposit. Income is accrued for the total amount: deposit + net profit. By choosing the form of cooperation with the platform – Investment account + Capitalization, you get the opportunity to increase your monthly percentage of profit. Capitalization brings you additional bonuses. Thus, if you choose an investment account + capitalization, the bonus is credited for each month of holding funds over the life of the investment account for the entire period. With the choice of a longer investment period + capitalization, you increase your percentage of profitability. The bonus is calculated from the first month. 1000 $ * 15% = 150 $ $ 1150 * 2% = $ 23 The total amount for 2 months is $ 1173 $ 1,173 * 15% ≈ $ 180 1353 * 2% = 27 $ $ 1370 – your profit for 2 months, upon completion of the investment account + Capitalization.
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If you still have questions or need expert advice, fill out the form and briefly describe your question. We will quickly reply to you, advise you on services or connect you with the right Maddex expert.

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